This is a guide on how to setup your email on TSOHOST hosting servers  (GRIDHOST)  

Here are 3 video guides to help you:

Add a new account as per the videos above, using the settings below:

Incoming email

IMAP Server :

IMAP Port : 993

SSL : On

SPA : Off

Outgoing email

SMTP Server :

SMTP Port : 465

SSL : On

SPA : Off

SMTP Authentication : On ("Use same password as incoming server" in Outlook, or for Mac Mail, iPhone and iPad devices, please use "Password" mode)

username = your full email address

password = your password.


* All your email boxes are stored on the server, not on your local device. This way ALL your email will appear on ALL your devices.

   i.e. Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash, Archive 

Webmail Address: If you have any issues please contact